Wood Fired Pizza versus Ordinary Pizza

Wood-fired brick ovens and pizza have been in existence since the early days of civilization. Indeed, brick ovens have been excavated in many historical sites of ancient cultures around the world.

In the modern day, the brick oven is as popular in Italy as is the barbecue grill is in other parts of the world. Pizza made in a brick oven has many benefits. The same cannot be said about pizza made in conventional ovens.

High cooking temperature

As the heat radiates outwards from the source (wood fire), it is spread evenly around the oven before being absorbed by the interior brick walls. As this happens, the floor of the oven remains slightly cooler than its surroundings.

When the heat is at its peak, baking temperatures in the oven usually gravitate between 570 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are kept constant by maintaining a small continuous flame within the oven. The result is a high-quality pizza.

Reduced cooking time

Because much of the heat is contained within the dense walls, brick ovens can cook pizza in a short period of time. It takes an incredible 2-3 minutes to cook an entire pizza! Such cooking times are convenient if you run a busy wood fire pizza catering in Perth or have many pizzas to prepare.

A superior crust

Radiant heat from the source as well as the bouncing of heat from the interior brick walls help to maintain high temperatures which crisp the crust of the pizza very quickly. This baking method serves to seal off any moisture in the dough thus preventing it from turning soggy. The result is a puffy, flavor-rich crust that is soft and chews well.

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Arousing flavor

It is almost impossible to achieve that desirable smoky flavor with conventional kitchen ovens. Wood-fired brick ovens are able to maintain the high temperature needed to yield unique flavors. However, too much heat destroys the flavor of olive oil, it is advisable to sprinkle some high-quality olive oil over your cooked pizza before consuming.

Crispy toppings

Dense heat coupled with a constant stream of air generated by inner brick walls cook and seal the pizza toppings fast and evenly. This quick baking serves to preserve vitamins and nutrients present in vegetables. Another benefit of fast cooking is that the cheese rarely burns out, instead, it assumes a pleasant color while gaining the rich smoky flavor.

Other benefits

Though wood-fired ovens are mostly popular for their efficiency in cooking great pizza, they can also be used to bake many other delicacies. A wood-fired oven can also be used to prepare bread, meat and vegetable foods. Similar to pizza, the use of wood serves to instill that arousing smoky flavor that many people crave. No matter the dish, wood-fired brick ovens rarely disappoint.

Preparing food especially vegetable foods over an open fire allows them to retain their nutrients better than those cooked in other types of ovens. Other types of kitchen ovens tend to prolong the cooking process leading to lost nutrients and less tasty foods.

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