Tips On How To Throw An Awesome Pizza-Themed Party

Are you planning on holding a themed pizza party? Then you should look for pizza-themed party tips to make sure that your party is amazing. Most of the chefs prefer to use wood-fired ovens to make pizza. This is because the wooden oven has a higher temperature as compared to a conventional oven. This makes the pizza have a different texture, look and be more crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

10 Pizza-Themed Party Tips

1. Decorate Your Home With Pizza Balloons

To decorate your home, you can use amazing and gorgeous pizza balloons. This will add in the theme of a pizza party and get people in the mood for some pizza.

2. Have A Photo Booth

Get a temporary photo booth and add some pizza decorations. When your guest comes in, they can take pictures at the photo booth. This is a fantastic way to create memories and make your party unique.

3. Get A Temporary Tattoo Station

To get in the mood of the pizza party, you can get a temporary tattoo station where your guest can get a pizza tat. This idea will be fun and keep the people interested in the party.

4. Have Red And Yellow Nail Polish For Your Friends To Try

Get red and yellow polish which people can try and paint their nails a pizza pattern. This will give them something to do and blend in at the pizza party without wearing costumes.

5. Get Pizza Socks Or Hats For Your Friends

To make the pizza party more interesting, get your guest pizza socks and hats to wear at the party. This will serve as a souvenir and a cosy way to stay indoors.

6. Get A Pizza-Themed Dessert Table

This is a fun way to serve dessert at your party. Decorate the cupcakes with a beautiful yellow and red colour. You can add cookies which have red strawberries on top to get that red and yellow pizza look.

7. Have Some Green For Your Guests

You can add greens on the table so that your guests can use them as toppings. This will be an interesting thing if your guests love eating vegetables often.


8. Have Dipping Sauce

Dipping sauce makes the pizza have an amazing taste. You can use any dipping sauce that you like or go for what your guests prefer. This will give the pizza a whole new taste.

9. Set The Table With A Gorgeous Table Cloth

You can get gorgeous red and white table cloth to adorn your table. This makes your house look beautiful and clean. The red and white table cloth give the room a look like you are in a pizza house.

10. Use Pizza String Lights For Decorations

You can add gorgeous pizza string lights as decorations. They will look great when they are turned on and blend in with the pizza party.


When you are looking for pizza-themed party tips, you can ask friends who have held a pizza party or go through the internet for some inspirational ideas. You can also contact THINK Pizza, they provide a mobile wood fire pizza oven, dough, toppings, and drinks including coffee, for any party or event.

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