Pizza Parties At Home

Tips for Throwing Pizza Parties At Home

Are you throwing a get together with your friends? If so, then keep these tips in mind if you want to learn how to throw a homemade pizza party.

1. Make The Dough A Day Or Two Prior

Make the dough 1-2 days prior to the party. Generally speaking, pizzas that are 10 to 14-inches should easily feed two people. This means one pizza per couple should be made.

2. Chop Up The Ingredients And Divide Them

Chop up and divide up your ingredients a day before you prepare the pizzas. Trust us when we say this will make everything easier.

3. Use A Quick-Cooking Recipe

This will come in handy if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to wait around for each pizza to come out. Find a recipe that takes around 10 minutes.

4. Consider Different Flavors

Consider different flavors, such as two plain pizzas, one barbecue buffalo chicken pizza and a pineapple-style pizza.

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5. Notes Come In Handy

Write down each pizza’s toppings and then place the note on the wall. This will make it easy to remember what toppings go on what pizza.

6. Buy A Fan Or Open The Windows

Cooking up pizzas is going to generate a lot of heat. This is why you want to keep your windows open or buy a fan. Another option is to turn the AC on high.

A wood fired pizza oven in your yard is also a great option that will suit everybody’s taste—in the case of cooking for a couple of individuals or a substantial gathering with numerous visitors.

7. You’ll Need Rimless Sheet Pans

You’ll want to have two rimless sheet pans on hand, unless you have a peel. One sheet pan will be for the new pizza, and the other sheet pan will be for the pizza that is about to come out of your oven.

8. Get A Big Rectangle If You’re Buying A Pizza Stone

This is a general pizza tip, but sometimes using a round stone is too difficult. We find it hard to position the pie right on a round stone. This is why we suggest using a big rectangle. The last thing you want to do, which is what we have done, is to drop chunks of cheese as you’re trying to position your pizza. Trust us, this will create a bunch of smoke. If the stone is a large rectangle and takes up most of the oven rack, you won’t have to worry about this happening. Just make sure you take the time to compare a few pizza stones before deciding which one to buy.

Throwing pizza parties at home is fun, but bear in mind that they aren’t exactly relaxing. Throughout the evening, you’ll be going back and forth to the kitchen. However, the effort is worth it because we all love pizza. The only thing that can make the party even better is adding some salad, wine and beer to the mix.

Why not save yourself the hassle of cooking the pizza’s yourself and let Think Pizza take care of it? We will bring a complete wood fired pizza oven to your Perth event and cook delicious traditional pizzas for your guests all night. Which means you can relax and enjoy spending time with your guests. For more information, contact us today.

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