Mobile Woodfired Pizza for Perth Events

Make your event amazing.


Quality, fresh ingredients used to make traditional Woodfired Pizzas


Smokey wood aromas fill the air as our Pizza oven gets cranking.


We provide both fully catered and pay per pizza options.

"Think Pizza provided pizzas for our community carols event. Their Pizzas were a huge hit and very popular. The smell of the wood fire was just amazing and added to the event to create a real festival feel."

The King's College, Wellard WA 

Deliciously Fresh.

Traditional Italian cooking is characterised by simple yet fresh ingredients combined together to make something extraordinary. Think Pizza follows this food philosophy with freshly made dough, an authentic sauce base and fresh toppings and herbs - restrained to produce pizza perfection.

Extra Options.

Not only do we provide amazing wood fired pizzas to your event, we also offer a range of extra options including fresh coffee, burgers, hot dogs, drinks and fairy floss.