How To Heat A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-fired ovens or the wood ovens are the ovens that utilize wood as fuel for cooking. There exist two types of wood-fired ovens, ‘black ovens’ and ‘white ovens’. Black ovens accommodate the food to be cooked in the same chamber as the burning wood. It has no separate chamber for the food. White ovens are heated utilizing a separate combustion chamber, thus, they remain clean from ashes. 

The wood-fired oven helps in pizza preparation, it is a true culinary delight which augments the subtle savor of wood smoke with the pizza toppings to bring to reality a delish delight.

How to heat a wood-fired Pizza oven

Preparing a pizza oven is a crucial step. It is advised to wait for a week before you light up the oven for the first time. The time rendered allows the moisture to completely evaporate. It is an essential step since, the moisture may transform into steam when heated, which may lead to cracks and fissures.

You must light a series of fire, to help prepare the wood oven. Build the temperature from 50c to 300c, by gradually increasing the temperature in fixed intervals. Ensure that the fire doesn’t die out at any point in time. The fire must always be ignited in the center of the oven so that the heat gets distributed on all sides.

Heating wood fired pizza oven

How to use Wood-fired Pizza Oven 

The wood-fired pizza oven is highly utilized for gourmet food. The oven heats up evenly and in a short duration which helps quickens the cooking process with keeping the flavor well-intact.

Three variants of heat come into play during the heat up process:

  • Radiant heat, which is emitted by the refractory dome.
  • Conductive heat, which the firebricks transfer into the cooking base.
  • Convection heat, which is created by the interaction and circulation of heat produced by various heat sources.

How to light your wood-fired pizza oven?

  • You must use clean wood that is free of paint, chemicals, or glue.
  •  It is recommended to only use dry seasoned wood.
  • Initiate the fire with softwood and maintain the fire with hardwood. Softwood burns faster and lights up easily.
  •  Hardwood is denser than softwood and is capable of producing intense heat which stays for a longer duration.
  • Once the oven’s interior is grey, brush the fire to the side and clean the floor to get rid of all embers and ash.

Setting up and using a wood-fired pizza oven at home can take up some time. Meanwhile, you can relish the pizzas carefully cooked with a blend of wood-fired aromas at Think Pizza. Contact us, for an amazing wood-fired pizza experience.

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