Tips For Hosting A Backyard Pizza Party

wood fired pizza toppings

Tips For Hosting A Backyard Pizza Party

When you’re ready to host a special gathering for friends or family, a backyard pizza party is always a great option. Let’s face it, everyone loves pizza; besides, it’s so easy to serve.

Plan Your Menu

While it’s easy to plan a pizza party, it’s important to think about the various toppings so that there is something to please everyone on your guest list. Plenty of cheese, a variety of meats, and unique toppings can make DIY pizzas a lot of fun.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Seating

It might seem obvious, but you should take inventory of the seating you have available and rent some additional chairs if necessary. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to have more seats available than guests. You certainly don’t want someone to have to go hunting for that elusive empty seat.

Prepare in Advance

If you want a fun backyard party, it’s important to make sure that you have everything prepared ahead of time. Pizza ovens, ingredients, prep supplies, prep tables, and even a few people who can help prepare pizzas can make everything go smoothly.

Find a Quality Catering Service

When you choose a pizza oven party catering, you can sit back and relax and leave the food service to someone else. If you prefer to not have to worry about making the pizzas consider having your party catered.


Woodfired Pizza

A delicious backyard pizza party can be made extra special with a great selection of woodfired pizzas. You can rent an oven or hire a catering service to bring one in. If you are in Perth, you can contact THINK Pizza, they serve amazing woodfired pizzas.

Vegetarian Pizzas

No matter what the occasion, if you’re serving guests, it’s important to make sure that everyone has something they can eat and this includes your vegetarian friends and family members. Offer an assortment of grilled veggies for vegetarian pizzas that everyone will enjoy.

Dessert Pizzas

While most people think of pizza as a savoury or main course offering, a pizza party that offers dessert pizzas will certainly make a great surprise. Chocolate topped pizzas, cinnamon and sugar sprinkled pizzas, and pizzas with delicious ripe fruit will all be enjoyed by guests.

Tables and Table Covers

Arrange tables for serving the pizza as well as tables where your guests can sit and enjoy their meal. In order to give your event a finished look, consider adding colourful table covers, just make sure that they are anchored to the tables so that they don’t blow away.

Spray for Insects

There are sprays, candles, and even fans that can help keep your guests comfortable. A citronella candle on every table will help keep mosquitoes at bay but be sure to also provide some spray that people can apply as needed. Also, a fan gently blowing across tables will help ensure your guests will be able to enjoy their pizza without being bothered by pests.


Pizza is always fun to serve and eat, but you’ll probably want to consider adding some entertainment for your guests. You can choose to play some upbeat music or offer some fun outdoor games for the kids.

Pizza Parties At Home


Tips for Throwing Pizza Parties At Home

Are you throwing a get together with your friends? If so, then keep these tips in mind if you want to learn how to throw a homemade pizza party.

1. Make The Dough A Day Or Two Prior

Make the dough 1-2 days prior to the party. Generally speaking, pizzas that are 10 to 14-inches should easily feed two people. This means one pizza per couple should be made.

2. Chop Up The Ingredients And Divide Them

Chop up and divide up your ingredients a day before you prepare the pizzas. Trust us when we say this will make everything easier.

3. Use A Quick-Cooking Recipe

This will come in handy if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to wait around for each pizza to come out. Find a recipe that takes around 10 minutes.

4. Consider Different Flavors

Consider different flavors, such as two plain pizzas, one barbecue buffalo chicken pizza and a pineapple-style pizza.

healthy oven pizza

5. Notes Come In Handy

Write down each pizza’s toppings and then place the note on the wall. This will make it easy to remember what toppings go on what pizza.

6. Buy A Fan Or Open The Windows

Cooking up pizzas is going to generate a lot of heat. This is why you want to keep your windows open or buy a fan. Another option is to turn the AC on high.

A wood fired pizza oven in your yard is also a great option that will suit everybody’s taste—in the case of cooking for a couple of individuals or a substantial gathering with numerous visitors.

7. You’ll Need Rimless Sheet Pans

You’ll want to have two rimless sheet pans on hand, unless you have a peel. One sheet pan will be for the new pizza, and the other sheet pan will be for the pizza that is about to come out of your oven.

8. Get A Big Rectangle If You’re Buying A Pizza Stone

This is a general pizza tip, but sometimes using a round stone is too difficult. We find it hard to position the pie right on a round stone. This is why we suggest using a big rectangle. The last thing you want to do, which is what we have done, is to drop chunks of cheese as you’re trying to position your pizza. Trust us, this will create a bunch of smoke. If the stone is a large rectangle and takes up most of the oven rack, you won’t have to worry about this happening. Just make sure you take the time to compare a few pizza stones before deciding which one to buy.

Throwing pizza parties at home is fun, but bear in mind that they aren’t exactly relaxing. Throughout the evening, you’ll be going back and forth to the kitchen. However, the effort is worth it because we all love pizza. The only thing that can make the party even better is adding some salad, wine and beer to the mix.

Why not save yourself the hassle of cooking the pizza’s yourself and let Think Pizza take care of it? We will bring a complete wood fired pizza oven to your Perth event and cook delicious traditional pizzas for your guests all night. Which means you can relax and enjoy spending time with your guests. For more information, contact us today.

Benefits of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

healthy oven pizza

Healthy Oven Pizza

Pizza is one of the country’s favorite foods, although it’s a shame to settle for anything less than the very best when it comes to great tasting pizza. That means a wood fired healthy oven pizza, and in addition to its authentic taste, there are several other benefits of a wood oven fired pizza.

Your Pizza Is Cooked and Ready Quickly

Whether you buy the ingredients to make your own pizza, or take a couple of pies away from your preferred pizza shop on the way home from work, pizza has become the convenience food of choice for many busy working people.

However, the limitations of the oven in your kitchen mean that it has a maximum temperature of around 500 degrees, as compared to the 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit attained by most pizza restaurant ovens. What this means is that it will take you anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes to cook a pizza in your kitchen oven, on top of the 20 to 30 minutes required to preheat your oven.

But you can significantly reduce that cooking time by using a wood fired pizza oven, which can quickly reach a temperature of between 500 and 700 degrees. Depending on how thick the dough is, you can expect your pizza to be ready in under 5 minutes, as compared to maybe 30 minutes in a regular oven.

More Flavor to Your Food

Even heat distribution means that a pizza cooked in a wood fired oven is going to taste a lot better than one cooked in your regular kitchen oven, as you will know if you have enjoyed pizza cooked this way. And your oven at home just can’t give you that delicious and unique smoky flavor.

Retain Essential Nutrients In a Wood Fired Oven

Using a wood fired method of cooking can mean a healthy oven pizza too, as fruit and vegetable toppings retain many antioxidants and nutrients because they are cooked a lot more quickly. A pizza just won’t have the same nutritional value if it takes longer to cook, as in your regular kitchen oven. Your wood fired oven can also be used to cook vegetables and meat, as well as bake delicious tasting bread.

Save Energy With a Wood Fired Oven

The fire is the only source of energy for a wood fired oven, and as you don’t require gas or electricity to operate it, saving money on your energy bills is another big plus.

However, always check for any local restrictions regarding the burning of wood and producing smoke, as some municipalities have imposed such restrictions.

It is a lot easier than you might think to prepare pizza and other foods in a traditional wood burning oven, and instead of flipping on a switch, you simply light a fire. Not only is this method of cooking easy, but your food is a lot healthier and you can enjoy that truly authentic and delicious wood smoky flavor.

For the ultimate oven pizza, great taste and fresh ingredients associated with traditional Italian cooking, look no further than Think Pizza.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tips


When you buy a wood-fired oven, you need to understand how it works and why it works so well when you cook gourmet food. The goal is to prepare the oven so that it heats up evenly. There needs to be enough heat stored so that it is evenly released while you are cooking. When you cook food, the oven uses three kinds of heat that are stored while the oven heats up.

Conductive Heat: Conductive heat is transferred using the fire bricks in the cooking base.
Radiant Heat: Radiant heat is release into in the refractory dome.
Convection Heat: Convention heat is created when the fire, the chimney drawing action, and the fresh air are combined. The fresh air comes in when you open and close the door. This combination will circulate inside the dome. This allows you to pre-heat the oven to your desired temperature and allowing it to cool to the desired temperature. It typically takes an hour to pre-heat the oven, however, the exact amount of time would depend on the size of the oven and the type of wood that you are using to heat it.

wood fired pizza oven tips
To determine if the floor of the oven is hot enough, all you need is a handful of flour. If the flour catches fire instantly or if it burns in 10 seconds, the floor is too hot and you will burn your pizza crust.

How To Light Your Wood Fired Oven

When heating your oven, you should only use dry, seasoned wood. It should be clean and free of glue, chemicals, and paint. It is best to use softwood to start the fire because it burns faster and it is easy to light. Pine is a great option. You should then start using hardwood to keep it going.

Hardwood produces dense heat and it stays lit for a longer period of time. You should use kindling wood to start your fire. The optimal kindling size is between 200mm and 300mm. Also, it should be no thicker than your pinky finger. If you use small logs, you can maintain fire and you won’t need to worry about opening the door again and again.

Lighting the Fire-Basic Rules That You Should Know:

When you are firing, the door should be left open a bit. To get the initial fire going, you can use either balled up newspaper or fire starters. The easiest way to make a fire is to do so on a pizza paddle. Next, put it in the center of the oven to light it. When the fire is going, you can add hardwood. When the fire starts going strong, the inside will turn black due to the smoke and the wood resin.

You should notice that the dome will turn gray when the temperature inside reaches 350 degrees Celsius. As the fire gets hotter the entire interior of the oven will turn gray. When you notice that ¾ of the inside of the oven is gray, you can spread the embers and the ash around the bottom of the oven using an oven brush.

To determine if the floor of the oven is hot enough, all you need is a handful of flour. If the flour catches fire instantly or if it burns in 10 seconds, the floor is too hot and you will burn your pizza crust. To reduce the temperature, you can remove some of the embers with a shovel. If the oven is at the ideal temperature, the flour will turn brown within 10 seconds.

Caring For Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

It is important that the cooking base doesn’t get wet. When you are not using the oven, you should keep a cap on the flue and make sure that the door is closed. When the temperature in the oven is high enough, it acts as a self-cleaner. The heat will burn off all the grease, spilled food, bugs, and bacteria. When this debris is moved from the sides and the bottom, you should use a wire brush to get it out of the oven.

wood fired pizza oven tips
THINK Pizza has mobile wood-fired pizza ovens, dough, topping, and drinks. You can even get coffee. This is a great idea for your next event or party.

How To Reduce the Amount Of Smoke In Your Wood Oven Chimney

The wood has a lot to do with the amount of smoke in the wood oven chimney. You should only use quality wood, and it should remain covered in a dry, well-ventilated area. You should never burn green wood, wet wood, or wood that has been treated. These types of wood will generate 50 percent less heat and will create more smoke. You should only burn seasoned wood that has been drying for 6 to 12 months. It should have no more than 20 percent moisture. You should only burn wood. Burning rubber, trash, charcoal, coal, paint, plastic, solvents, and treated wood should always be avoided.

Before you load more wood, you should make sure that the initial fire is burning as hot as possible. To create a hot fire quickly, be sure to use plenty of kindling or paper. If the fire is clean and efficient, you will see red-hot embers and bright swirling flames. If it is hot enough, there won’t be much smoke.

Be sure not to put too many large logs in the oven. You should add small pieces gradually. If the logs are too large, you risk smothering the fire. This will create too much smoke. Smaller logs are better. When your flame is burning brightly, you should only see smoke for the first few minutes.

THINK Pizza has mobile wood-fired pizza ovens, dough, topping, and drinks. You can even get coffee. This is a great idea for your next event or party. If you want to host an event where you can serve your guests wood-fired pizza, THINK Pizza has everything you need.

How to know the appropriate wood fired pizza oven temperature?


Wood-fired Pizza Oven Temperature

Using Your Oven

As soon as your wood-fired pizza oven is cured, you can start cooking. When cooking, the goal is to create, maintain, and control even heat from the cooking surface and in the dome. You also want the hot air to circulate evenly inside the oven.

Choosing the Wood

The type of wood that you use in your wood-fired oven often depends on where you live. The best type of wood is hardwood, such as white gum and Jarrah. This is because they are denser than other woods such as pine and they give off more heat when they burn.

You should never use sappy woods or any type of wood that has been glued, painted, and chemically treated. You should also use only wood that has been seasoned and dried. If you use green wood, it won’t burn properly. Also, it will produce a great deal of smoke and it won’t heat the oven properly.

Building Your Fire

When building your fire, you should do so in the middle of the oven. You should start by using about 9 stick of dry kindling. You will also need a couple of fire starters and 3 pieces of medium-sized wood.

For best results, the flame should reach the centre or the front of the dome. It should not reach too far into the opening of the oven. When you have the fire going, you can add more medium-sized wood and let it burn for about 20 minutes.

After about 20 minutes, you should see a small white spot in the middle of the dome right above the fire. When the white spot expands across the top of the dome, it means that the oven has reached the desired cooking temperature.

When the white spot expands, you should build the fire toward the walls of the oven and at both sides. It should only take a few minutes before the white colour spreads down the walls of the dome. In time, 2/3 of the dome should be white. This means that the temperature in the oven is 370 to 400 degrees Celsius, which is optimal temperature to cook pizza.

After reaching the optimal temperature, you need to keep it there. To do this, you should watch the dome. When it becomes darkened again, you should add more wood.

wood fired pizza oven temperature
The type of wood that you use in your wood-fired oven often depends on where you live. The best type of wood is hardwood, such as white gum and Jarrah.

Preparing To Cook

First, you need to push the fire to the side of the oven using your oven rake. This will allow the cold air to be pulled into the oven so that the heat will move in a circular motion over the food. This will maintain your cooking temperature. It also helps you to see what you are cooking so you will know when it needs to be turned away from the fire.

Before you put your pizza in the oven, you need to clean the cooking surface. To do this, use your pizza peel to slap the cooking surface. This will remove all debris and residue.

When you cook, you should do so on the opposite side that the fire is on. To keep your oven cured, you should alternate sides each time you cook. If wind tends to blow in the front of the oven, you should light your fire on the side that is sheltered.

This will allow the heat to travel to the opposite side of the oven and it will keep the fire lit. To keep the fire going, keep adding pieces of wood the size of your wrist.

Testing the Oven Temperature

There are a few ways that you can check the temperature of the cooking surface before you put your pizza in the oven.

First, use a temperature gauge that is capable of accurately testing high temperatures. Next, throw a pinch of flour in the oven and time how long it takes to start to smoke and burn. If the temperature is correct, the flour will burn within a few seconds.

Eventually, you will just know when the oven is ready for cooking. You should also experiment by cooking. Different dishes require different temperatures, therefore, experimenting is a good thing. If it is your first time making pizza, you should make extra dough and experiment with flatbread appetizers so that you can make the type of pizza that you like.

wood fired pizza oven temperature
THINK Pizza provides a mobile wood fire pizza oven, dough, toppings, and drinks including coffee, for any party or event.

Maintaining the Heat While You Cook

When your pizza is in the oven, you are going to need to maintain your wood fired pizza oven temperature. This means keeping a flame going throughout the entire cooking process. This requires you to add wood every 15 to 30 minutes or when the last piece of wood starts burning down.

You should check your pizza often. At the right temperature, your pizza should cook in 3 minutes. During this time, the pizza should be turned. When it is ready, it will have a browned, crispy crust. The cheese should be melted and bubbly. If your pizza is taking longer than 3 minutes, you should increase the fire. If the cheese is burning, the fire is likely too hot and you need to let it cool down.

Cooking With Retained Heat

When you are done the cooking at high heat, you can use your oven for retained heat cooking. This is great for baking bread or slow roasting dishes.

When you scrape the hot coals from the oven, you should make sure that you dispose of them properly. You need to be very careful. If you don’t do this properly, you could start a fire. They will remain hot for a very long period of time. Finally, close the oven door.

Think Pizza provides a mobile wood fire pizza oven, dough, toppings, and drinks including coffee, for any party or event. If you are interested to host a party where your guests can enjoy creating their own custom pizza, Think Pizza is a great option.

Top Wood Fired Pizza Toppings in Perth

Top Wood Fired Pizza Toppings

Most people enjoy the taste of pizza. It’s one of the quickest, most convenient, cost-effective, foods that’s easily prepared today. This is why so many Perth caterers are asked to make it today for buffets, parties, and finger food events.

Pizza is also very versatile, with so many different toppings available. Of course, pizza has changed a lot throughout the years too.

Pizza originated in Italy as a simple dish that consisted of a bread base topped with tomato sauce or puree and cheese. As such, it provided nutrition in the form of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and sugars. Today this is somewhat different since pizza is a meal of choice, not a necessity.

There are some great gourmet pizza toppings you can cook in your wood or garden fired oven. Here is a list of wood fired pizza toppings known in Perth.


Nothing special, but definitely something you can’t do without.

Peri Peri Chicken

While some people do enjoy this, something isn’t right about putting mayo on your pizza.

wood fired pizza toppings


This is a bit of a broad category, but with the right combination of vegetables done just right, this can really hit the spot.


This is a bit nostalgic one, but it will really hit the spot when you don’t want something too fancy.

BBQ Chicken

There’s something that just isn’t right about this combination, but some people do seem to really enjoy it.


This is a great pizza, albeit a really simple one. Even without all the bells and whistles, you’d get with other pizzas, this one still tastes quite delicious and should be respected for this.


There’s really not a lot of effort that went into creating this pizza considering all it consists of is some guac and nachos on a pizza base.

Quattro Formaggi

This four cheese pizza is melted together in a way that makes it simply delicious.


There are a time and a place for this pizza, like Sunday afternoon spent on a couch after having spent Saturday night out on the town.


Some people are really crazy about this pizza and will want it every time they can get it.

Pumpkin and Feta

This is a gourmet pizza that many people really like.

Potato and Rosemary

Don’t undercook the potatoes here and you’ll have a delicious pizza – as long as it’s prepared properly.


This really is the ultimate crowd pleaser.


This popular pizza is one that you either love or hate – no wonder it’s so hotly debated.


A combination of salami, mozzarella, basil, and capsicum makes a good choice.


This is the fancy Italian name for prawns on a pizza.

pizza oven catering in perth


Simple, yet a delicious combination people swear by.


This is a really spicy sausage pizza that some people just can’t get enough of.


This is a simple pizza that every joint should know how to nail. When topped with anchovies, many people say it’s even better.

Prosciutto, Parmesan, and Rocket

Although messy, this is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Nobody will turn it down when it’s available.

For more information about wood fired pizza toppings, contact our caterers at THINK Pizza. They found a combination of flavours that was too good to keep. They also discovered not only a powerful new way to host guests at backyard event but an incredible way to build a successful business around a wood fired pizza.

10 Home Party Catering Tips

home catering

If you are having a party and you want it to have a warm, personal touch, having at your home is the best option. Unfortunately, throwing a party at your home is a lot more work than if you were to hold it at an outside venue.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can have the party at your home without needing to do all of the work. If you have the party catered, all of the cooking and serving will be left to a professional. Your guests can enjoy your hospitality while enjoying different types of cuisine prepared by experts.

Whether you are planning a small get together or a large party, hiring a caterer will keep you out of the kitchen so that you can enjoy the party with your guests.

Home Catering Tips

home catering
Before you meet with the caterer, you should take a good look around your kitchen. They will need to know if you have the extra space and if they need to bring additional equipment.

If you are planning to hire a professional in-home catering, there are a few important tips that you should follow.

#1 Start With the Basics

Before you make an appointment to sit down with the caterer, you should have an idea of the number of guests that will be attending the party. You should also come up with a budget. If you are working with a reputable caterer, they will help you come up with a menu that fits into your budget. During the meeting, you should let the caterer know if any of your guests have special food requirements or food allergies.

#2 Evaluate Your Kitchen

Before you meet with the caterer, you should take a good look around your kitchen. The caterer will need to know how much counter space you have, the size of your oven, the number of burners your stove has, and the amount of free space that you have in your refrigerator for them to put the food that has already been prepared. This will let the caterer know if they need to bring additional equipment.

If you are planning a large party and the caterer needs to set up a satellite kitchen, they will need to know if you have the extra space for them to do so.

#3 Discuss the Extras

There is more to planning the party than planning the menu. You will also need tables, chairs, glassware, serving dishes, and linens. There are some catering companies who provide all of these things. There are others who will make the arrangements with an outside vendor. These are questions that you should ask the caterer during your meeting.

If you are going to be renting items, there are certain items that you should consider buying such as an ice bucket and coffee urns. It might be cheaper to buy these things rather than rent. If you don’t think you will never use them again, you can always sell them after.

#4 Talk about the Servers

When you sit down with the caterer, you should discuss the amount of service that you expect. This will give the caterer an idea of the number of servers they will bring on the day of the party.

#5 Discuss the Cleanup

Any caterer that you hire will expect your kitchen to be clean when they arrive. They will also be sure to leave it in the same condition when they leave. You should ask the caterer if they will pack up the rentals and return them or if it would be your responsibility.

If the caterer is going to be using some of your dishes, you should find out if they will wash them for you. Finally, if you want all of the leftovers to be boxed up and placed in your fridge after the party, you should let them know during your meeting.

home catering
If you are planning a party and you want to enjoy yourself rather than spending most of the party in the kitchen, you should consider hiring a caterer.

#6 Discuss Your Expectations with the Caterer

During your meeting, you should let the caterer know what you expect of them and what you plan to do yourself. If the servers are going to be arranging the tables and the place settings, you need to know. Also, if the servers are going to circulate around the room and refill the guests’ drinks, you need to know that as well.

It is a good idea to ask the caterer if the servers are going to clean up as the party goes along or if you are going to need to pick up once in a while. Finally, discuss any other services that you need at the meeting. You cannot expect the caterer to read your mind and automatically know exactly what you want.

#7 The Bar

During your meeting, you should discuss the bar with your caterer. Ask if they are going to provide the drinks or if it would cost you less to provide them yourself. When discussing the drinks, remember to mention ice. Will the caterer bring it or do you need to provide it? Some catering companies will provide a bartender for events. You should find out if your caterer will. If not, you may need to have a self-service bar.

#8 Discuss Timing

You should get an exact time from the caterer that they will arrive with their staff. If you have a particular time that you want to serve the food, you need to let them know. If you want the party to wrap up at a certain time, let the caterer know. This will give them an idea of what time they should start cleaning up and packing up their things.

Finally, if you are having a good time and you want the party to last longer, you should find out if they are willing to stay a bit later.

#9 Discuss Parking

If you have limited space for parking, you should have the caterer park as close as possible since they will be carrying supplies. However, you should ask that the servers park as far away as possible, giving the guests ample place to park.

#10 Discuss the Cost and Payment Terms

During your meeting, you should discuss the cost of the job including the cost of the tips for the servers. You should discuss when the payment would be due and what forms of payment the caterer accepts.

If you are planning a party and you want to enjoy yourself rather than spending most of the party in the kitchen, you should consider hiring a caterer. To make things go smoothly, you should make a list of the duties that the caterer will handle and the things that you will handle. This will ensure that everyone has a great time.

Wood Fired Pizza versus Ordinary Pizza


Wood-fired brick ovens and pizza have been in existence since the early days of civilization. Indeed, brick ovens have been excavated in many historical sites of ancient cultures around the world.

In the modern day, the brick oven is as popular in Italy as is the barbecue grill is in other parts of the world. Pizza made in a brick oven has many benefits. The same cannot be said about pizza made in conventional ovens.

High cooking temperature

As the heat radiates outwards from the source (wood fire), it is spread evenly around the oven before being absorbed by the interior brick walls. As this happens, the floor of the oven remains slightly cooler than its surroundings.

When the heat is at its peak, baking temperatures in the oven usually gravitate between 570 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are kept constant by maintaining a small continuous flame within the oven. The result is a high-quality pizza.

Reduced cooking time

Because much of the heat is contained within the dense walls, brick ovens can cook pizza in a short period of time. It takes an incredible 2-3 minutes to cook an entire pizza! Such cooking times are convenient if you run a busy wood fire pizza catering in Perth or have many pizzas to prepare.

A superior crust

Radiant heat from the source as well as the bouncing of heat from the interior brick walls help to maintain high temperatures which crisp the crust of the pizza very quickly. This baking method serves to seal off any moisture in the dough thus preventing it from turning soggy. The result is a puffy, flavor-rich crust that is soft and chews well.

wood fired pizza catering in perth
If you would like to serve the finest in wood fired pizza to guests at your next event, THINK Pizza will leave them satisfied and asking for more.

Arousing flavor

It is almost impossible to achieve that desirable smoky flavor with conventional kitchen ovens. Wood-fired brick ovens are able to maintain the high temperature needed to yield unique flavors. However, too much heat destroys the flavor of olive oil, it is advisable to sprinkle some high-quality olive oil over your cooked pizza before consuming.

Crispy toppings

Dense heat coupled with a constant stream of air generated by inner brick walls cook and seal the pizza toppings fast and evenly. This quick baking serves to preserve vitamins and nutrients present in vegetables. Another benefit of fast cooking is that the cheese rarely burns out, instead, it assumes a pleasant color while gaining the rich smoky flavor.

Other benefits

Though wood-fired ovens are mostly popular for their efficiency in cooking great pizza, they can also be used to bake many other delicacies. A wood-fired oven can also be used to prepare bread, meat and vegetable foods. Similar to pizza, the use of wood serves to instill that arousing smoky flavor that many people crave. No matter the dish, wood-fired brick ovens rarely disappoint.

Preparing food especially vegetable foods over an open fire allows them to retain their nutrients better than those cooked in other types of ovens. Other types of kitchen ovens tend to prolong the cooking process leading to lost nutrients and less tasty foods.

Is Wood Fired Pizza Healthy?

pizza oven catering in perth

It’s all too easy to eat unhealthy food, especially if you are too busy to focus on maintaining a healthy diet, and food cooked in frying pans is the norm for many people. One of the disadvantages of this is that as soon as your food is in the pan or the oven, many of the nutrients are burnt out of the food, and what you thought was a healthy and nutritious meal is really nothing of the sort.

However, you may be surprised to learn there is a solution to this problem, and in fact it has been around for longer than you might think. A wood fired oven can actually enhance the flavours of your food to make it taste better, and pizza or other food cooked in a wood fired oven is also quite a lot healthier.

Pizza Oven Catering in Perth

It’s easier to use a wood fired oven than you might think, and you shouldn’t be intimidated if you aren’t used to this method of cooking. Whether it’s a fully cooked meal or a simple yet delicious snack, this type of oven can be used for just about all of your cooking needs.

Vegetables and fruit can be used as toppings for your wood fired pizza if you are making an effort to eat more healthily; you don’t need to put lots of meat toppings on your pizza.

A pizza cooked in this way will retain more of its antioxidants and nutrients because the pizza only takes a minute or two to cook, due to the higher temperature.

Pizza cooked in a traditional oven just aren’t as healthy as they take longer to cook, meaning that many of the nutrients and antioxidants are lost.

pizza oven catering in perth
A wood fired oven can actually enhance the flavours of your food to make it taste better, and pizza or other food cooked in a wood fired oven is also quite a lot healthier.

Pizza Oven Temperatures

A wood fired pizza oven means much healthier pizza for you and your family, as it heats up your pizza and other foods a lot faster, meaning they keep those all-important nutrients. The faster heating process also means the food just tastes better too.

And if you stay away from some of the unhealthier pizza toppings and focus on fruits and vegetables, your pizza will be healthy and delicious tasting.

The overall flavour of your pizza will be a lot better because the firewood in the oven will distribute the heat more evenly and effectively. And if you like that smoky tang to your food, cooking it in a wood fired oven is the way to go.

A wood fired oven is also better for the environment than a conventional oven, and can save you money on energy bills, as well as giving you better tasting and healthier food. Using fire to cook food is one of the greenest ways to prepare meals. As long as you have a supply of wood, and fire you can enjoy healthy pizza with a great taste whenever you like.

Many pizza restaurants have discovered the benefits of a wood fired oven, and pizza oven catering in Perth is more popular than ever. Pizza from your local pizzeria can taste just as good as if you made it yourself!