About Think Pizza

Hello. We Love Pizza.

Think Pizza owners Bruce and Tracy Kelsey first realised the power of wood fired pizza when they installed a wood fired pizza oven in the backyard of their Perth home.

The combination of woodfire aromas, the ability to allow guests to make their own pizzas, being able to gather around and see the pizza cooking, the delicious savoury and sometimes sweet results... It was all such a successful way to host guests.

The Pursuit of Pizza Perfection

While it was an incredibly empowering experience for the Kelsy's to host wildly successful backyard events, it was Bruce who wanted more. He wanted to produce a pizza that would rival Perth's top restaurants. He wanted perfection.

Relentlessly he pursued the ultimate combination of dough, sauce and toppings. As he delved deeper into the world of pizza perfection he stumbled upon a combination of flavours that was too good to keep to himself.

The Birth of Think Pizza

In 2017 Bruce set up a custom mobile woodfired pizza unit complete with woodfire pizza oven, dough storage, topping storage, coffee machine, drinks storage and more. His mission was to bring his amazing woodfire pizzas to parties and events across Perth.

By late 2017 Think Pizza was fully in motion. At every event they are overwhelmed with positive feedback from very happy customers and event attendees. Where will Think Pizza happen in the future? Not even the Kelsey's know. But one thing is certain. If you are thinking about mobile woodfire pizza for your Perth event, you just can't go past Think Pizza for an amazing woodfire pizza service.

Think Pizza Shop in Port Kennedy.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the story ended with the wildly successful mobile pizza service. But there's more.

In early 2019 the Kelsey's launched their first Think Pizza shop in Port Kennedy. Having a fixed address means people now know where they can come and find epic woodfired pizzas anytime.

No longer are they constrained to mobile events, flittering about the countryside in summer feeding the festive masses.

They now have a fixed address. So all of Port Kennedy and the rest of Perth know exactly where they can find amazing Woodfired Pizzas at anytime (within opening hours of course).

It's only the beginning.